LinkedIn: Emerging jobs in the Philippines show growing demand for talent with hybrid skills

Digital competency is in high demand, but so are soft skills, according to the 2019 Emerging Jobs in the Philippines Report by LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network. The findings underscore the... Read more »

Q&A: Sue Toomey (Points of Light) and Catherine Dannaoui (HandsOn Hong Kong)

Stealing from the volunteering masters. Read more »

Singapore’s MINDEF announces initiatives to boost cyber capabilities

The initiatives include a new Singapore Armed Force Cyber Defence School to equip cyber vocationalists with skill and knowledge. Read more »

Malaysia outranks Singapore in digital maturity

Even so, 51% of business leaders in Malaysia believe they will struggle to meet changing consumer demands within five years. Read more »

How good is Singapore for women to work in?

Singapore must improve its performance on gender wage gap, average weekly working hours, and the number of paid holiday leave days. Read more »


一項研究發現失眠可增加基因損壞風險及減低基因修復功能。 Read more »


你在權力遊戲中有多強? Read more »

How much informal power do you have at work?

How strong is your power game? Read more »


您是工作狂還是委託人?以下這些特徵讓您了解如何在困境之下幫助員工。 Read more »

Why you should consider shortening work hours

A study found sleep deprivation is associated with increase in DNA damage and decrease in DNA repair. Read more »
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