Employer Compensation Costs Increased Slightly in December 2022

​Employers are spending more on overall compensation costs for workers, data out today from the Labor Department finds. Total employer compensation costs for private industry workers averaged $40.23 per hour worked in... Read more »

Inflation Eases Again, But Still Proving Problematic

​Inflation slightly cooled again last month but is still running at a high pace, according to new data out Tuesday, continuing to cause fears about what months of unrelenting high costs for... Read more »

Minimizing the Legal Heartburn Associated with Meal Breaks

As a general rule, the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) does not require that employees other than minors receive any breaks, whether paid or unpaid. Rather, FLSA regulations set forth only when... Read more »

How to Handle Overtime, Meal Break and Other Wage and Hour Crises

​Some workplace crises blow up instantaneously, exploding onto the scene with immediacy and urgency that can take one’s breath away. Wage and hour liability is different. It lurks below the surface, sometimes... Read more »

Year-Over-Year Inflation Slips Again, Real Wages Fall

​Year-over-year inflation receded a bit more in January, according to new data out Tuesday, but prices jumped for the month as pain from continued high cost of living is still being heavily felt among... Read more »

How Employers Are Managing Compensation Challenges in 2023

​With 2023 well underway, many employers are still trying to find the right levels of pay for their employees. The stakes are high: If employers don’t get compensation right, they may find... Read more »

High Inflation Drives More Employees to Live Paycheck to Paycheck

​Unrelenting high inflation has squeezed employees’ pocketbooks and budgets, pushing more Americans to live paycheck to paycheck. Nearly two-thirds of consumers (64 percent) said they were living paycheck to paycheck in December,... Read more »

Private-Sector Wage and Salary Increases Slightly Slow in 4th Quarter

​Employee compensation growth has slightly cooled again, according to new data released today, suggesting wage growth may have peaked since its record jump in mid-2022. Labor compensation costs in the U.S. for... Read more »

Minimum Salary That Employees Would Take for a Job Rises to New High

​Employers looking to hire employees in the new year are likely going to have to shell out more money than ever. With inflation still high and the labor market still hot, the... Read more »

Inflation Numbers Continue Downward Trend

​Well-above average inflation is still hurting workers, but new data released today shows that inflation is continuing its slowdown—positive news that could cause ripple effects in the workplace and beyond if inflation... Read more »
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