Americans Are Working Fewer Hours. How Are Employers Responding?

​The COVID-19 pandemic led to a slew of changes in the U.S. workplace: hybrid work, talent shortages, employee mental health issues and more. As a result, newly released data shows that Americans... Read more »

The Pros and Cons of Monitoring Remote Workers

Remote and hybrid work arrangements continue to reshape the way employers approach performance management, and many organizations are turning to technology to help supervise offsite workers. Whether an employer simply notes when... Read more »

Should Algorithms Make Layoff Decisions?

Headlines continue to be dominated by news of widespread layoffs in technology, finance and other sectors. Many companies reducing their workforces cite reasons such as overzealous hiring during the pandemic, an uncertain... Read more »

Just what a Guy’s Dating Wardrobe States About Him

With regards to the profession, we all know essential it really is to outfit for achievement. Women have a natural good sense about fashion and can pick appropriate clothing for celebration. But... Read more »

How do You Draw In Women?

Perchance you’re questioning exactly why your own friend seems to have no problems getting a night out together, although he isn’t shopping for a gf. Obtainable, it’s more challenging. It is possible... Read more »

13 Books: HR Summer Reading List 2023

For the second time, HR Exchange Network is sharing its summer reading list. There is no scientific method to these suggestions. Instead, they are the result of searches of bestsellers in specific... Read more »

Learning from the Employee Benefits Pandemic Experience

​The COVID-19 pandemic changed many things—and employee benefits are no exception. In response to the health crisis, employers quickly rolled out new offerings, and enhanced existing benefits, to help employees. And they... Read more »

With Inflation, Even Workers Earning Six Figures Feel the Sting

​Financial fragility has been widespread among workers as inflation and prices remain high. And while the pain is being felt primarily among low-income workers, there’s a surprising group of employees who are... Read more »

Mechanic Not Entitled to Overtime Pay Under FLSA

​Takeaway: An employee who repaired hydraulic cranes that were permanently affixed to trucks and could travel on highways was exempt from the FLSA’s overtime compensation requirements because he was a mechanic under... Read more »

Suspicious Timing of Firing Restores Employee’s Retaliation Claim

​Takeaway: Suspicious timing between a protected activity under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and a materially adverse action may help support a retaliation claim. Courts often look at... Read more »
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