More Than $1M in Damages Upheld for Violation of Agreements

​Takeaway: Employers should not hesitate to enforce employment agreements if they have a substantial, verifiable claim against a former employee.  ​A former employee was ordered to pay $1.7 million in damages and... Read more »

Comments on FTC’s Request for Information on Franchisors Due in May

?The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has published a request for information seeking comment on the franchisor-franchisee relationship, expressing concern about “unfair and deceptive practices in the franchise industry.” Comments are due by... Read more »

Federal Lawmakers Propose Ban on Noncompete Agreements

?A bipartisan group of Congressional lawmakers has introduced the Workforce Mobility Act of 2023, legislation that would largely ban the use of noncompete agreements in employment nationwide. Previously introduced in 2018, 2019... Read more »

The Noncompete Proposal: Right Idea, Wrong Vehicle

?The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has proposed a new regulation that would effectively ban noncompete agreements between employees and employers in all 50 states. As a former employment law attorney who drafted,... Read more »

How Should Employers Respond to Proposal to Ban Noncompete Agreements?

?The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) proposal to bar nearly all noncompetition agreements between employers and employees would have far-reaching impact across industries, affecting about 30 million workers. The proposed rule would prevent... Read more »

Colorado to Restrict Noncompete Agreements for Lower-Wage Workers

?Colorado lawmakers passed legislation May 10 that will significantly limit the practice of using noncompete agreements for lower-wage workers in the state. Gov. Jared Polis is expected to sign the bill into... Read more »

Queen’s Speech: Exclusivity contracts for low-paid workers to be banned

A ban on exclusivity clauses for low-paid workers and changes to data protection rules are likely to feature in this year’s Queen’s Speech, which will be delivered tomorrow (10 May) to parliament.... Read more »

Covid-related employment cases: 10 key rulings for employers

Employment tribunals have been deciding coronavirus-related cases throughout 2021. We set out 10 key first-instance rulings related to the pandemic from which employers can learn lessons. The post Covid-related employment cases: 10... Read more »

Portugal set to pass worker status legislation

The Portuguese government has approved a bill that would see gig economy workers treated as employees with formal contracts and benefits. The post Portugal set to pass worker status legislation appeared first... Read more »

‘Four-day week’ trials transform Icelandic employment

Trials of reduced working hours have led to new employment contracts for many people in Iceland. The post ‘Four-day week’ trials transform Icelandic employment appeared first on Personnel Today. Read more »
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