New Jersey Adopts Law Affecting Service Employees During Changes in Ownership

​New Jersey Gov. Philip Murphy recently signed Assembly Bill 4682, establishing various employment protections for specific “service employees” during changes of ownership. This law will take effect on Oct. 22. Under the... Read more »

Promise of Payment of Arbitration Fees Not Sufficient

​Takeaway: An arbitrator must receive an employer’s payment of required arbitration fees within the statutory deadline, and the proverbial “check in the mail” does not constitute payment.  ​A jewelry company in California... Read more »

Police Dispatcher’s Resisting Arrest Justifies Termination

​Takeaway: An employer’s somewhat lenient application of disciplinary penalties can come back to haunt it if it imposes more-severe consequences in later cases. Even though the employer prevailed in this case, the... Read more »

Failure-to-Accommodate Claim Proceeds to Trial Under ADA

​Takeaway: Employers must ensure that employees with disabilities have access to information that is provided to other similarly situated employees without disabilities, regardless of whether they need it to perform their jobs.... Read more »

UAW Widens Strike Against GM, Stellantis

[This article has been updated.] The strike against General Motors (GM) and Stellantis, limited up to this point, will be expanded at noon today because not enough progress has been made in... Read more »

Government Shutdown Would Disrupt Employers and Workers

​Should the federal government shut down at midnight Sept. 30, federal agencies will have to scale back operations to provide only essential services. A shutdown would be disruptive not only for federal employees but... Read more »

EEOC Partners with DOL on Legal Enforcement

​The U.S. Department of Labor’s (DOL’s) Wage and Hour Division and the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) will be working more closely together to enforce workplace laws across the country. The... Read more »

Discrimination Claims Can Proceed Based on Employee Status

​An editor-in-chief for a New York magazine owned by Cohen Media Group can go forward with her lawsuit claiming discrimination, harassment and retaliation, a federal district court recently ruled—after determining she was... Read more »

New Employee Handbook Did Not Rescind Previously Signed Arbitration Agreement

​Takeaway: An employee’s failure to sign an arbitration agreement contained in a new employee handbook did not negate his obligation to arbitrate workplace disputes where he had previously signed a different arbitration... Read more »

OPM Announces Proposed Rule to Protect Career Civil Servants

​The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) announced a proposed rule on Sept. 15 that would reinforce long-standing protections and merit system principles for career civil servants. The previous administration had issued... Read more »
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