Vacation Policy Guide for HR

Every employee needs a vacation now and then. Whether it’s a two-week trip to the Bahamas or a day off for mental health, it’s incredibly important to have a consistent vacation policy... Read more »

Low Performer Traits and How to Address Them

As recruiting and HR leaders, we have a lot of pressure to screen and identify top talent to present to hiring managers. However, there are things we can’t see no matter how... Read more »

Short-Term Fix or Long-Term Relationship: The Key to Finding and Retaining Top Talent By Kathleen Duffy

Your client or company’s hiring leader calls with a desperate request: to find a qualified candidate immediately. The position has been open for months and the company is losing ground. The urge... Read more »

The Power of Flexibility at Work

What will working habits look like in the year 2030? There’ll be plenty of changes, no doubt – and we’re not talking about robot bosses. The biggest shifts are more fundamental than... Read more »

This is Not the Time to be Silent About the Reversal of Roe v. Wade

In 2014, I had an abortion. It was an abortion that was medically necessary but an abortion nonetheless. I first wrote about my abortion just a few weeks after it happened. I... Read more »

Best Practices to Improve Team Communication

There is no doubt that strong communication is a key factor and a driving force behind any organization’s success. After all, what distinguishes a successful team from a bunch of individuals? A... Read more »

Episode 354: Solving Problems and Developing Empathy With Natalie Egan, CEO at Translator

DEI is a layer that sits on top of everything that we do. If you’re a product manager, like, you have responsibilities for DEI for your organization. If you’re a salesperson, right?... Read more »

HR Practice Test Flashcards Are Now Available!

Ever since I launched our LEARN platform with Ace the HR Exam to help HR professionals study for and pass their SHRM or HRCI certifications, I’ve wanted to create flashcards for study.... Read more »

What Are the Protected Classes Under Title VII and the Civil Rights Act of 1964

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 ended segregation in public places, provided for the integration of schools and other public facilities, and banned employment discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion,... Read more »

Q1 Results of the HiBob and Workology HR Benchmark Survey

HR is at the heart of the business and because of this new and increased focus on HR I launched the HR Benchmark Survey late last year. We partnered with leading HR... Read more »
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