Supreme Court, NLRB Decisions Changed Employment Law in 2023

​The U.S. Supreme Court and federal agencies altered employment law in 2023, prompting HR professionals to review and revise their handbooks. The U.S. Supreme Court, in particular, dismantled affirmative action in college... Read more »

New Employee Handbook Did Not Rescind Previously Signed Arbitration Agreement

​Takeaway: An employee’s failure to sign an arbitration agreement contained in a new employee handbook did not negate his obligation to arbitrate workplace disputes where he had previously signed a different arbitration... Read more »

Examples of Disclaimer and Policy Changes in Response to NLRB Handbook Decision

​Employers who are revising disclaimers and policies in response to a National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) decision in August should replace broad, ambiguous wording with specifics. “The main takeaway is that employers... Read more »

Moving? Answer These Questions for Your Employees

?The relocation of corporate headquarters can be upsetting for employees. When planning a move, employers should highlight what’s in it for workers, while considering if remote work is an option for those... Read more »

Employee Handbooks: Can There Be a Uniform Approach for Multistate and International Employers?

?Multistate employers often face the difficult task of finding the most effective way to prepare their handbooks while ensuring compliance not only with federal law, but also with the applicable state, local,... Read more »

How to Handle Employee Side Hustles

?When an information technology specialist at Enertech began missing deadlines and sleeping at his desk, it was the first time in her lengthy HR career that Jennifer Weber had to put an... Read more »

Court Strikes Down Arbitration Agreement Signed as Part of Employee Handbook

Takeaway: Courts often take a dim view of employee arbitration clauses and may invalidate one if it is included as part of an employee handbook or other document that undermines its status... Read more »

New York Supplement: Table of Contents

[unable to retrieve full-text content] Read more »

Should Multinational Employers Have a Global Handbook?

Businesses based in the U.S. generally create a handbook for their employees that explains workplace policies and procedures, employee benefits, and other important information—but a handbook may not be needed for worksites... Read more »

7 Policies to Update in Your 2019 Employee Handbook

Handbooks are a key asset for communicating company policies and promoting fairness and consistency in the workplace, and ever-evolving laws make routinely reviewing and updating handbooks critical for employers. Here are some... Read more »
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