Try a Low-Key Response When Older Workers Threaten to Retire

​When older workers make vague assertions that they’d like to retire, immediately asking them to specify when may not be the best approach. Ignoring their assertions isn’t either. Following up later with... Read more »

Supreme Court Analyzes Discrimination Law in Job Transfer Case

​The U.S. Supreme Court heard a case on Dec. 6 that will determine whether involuntary job transfers can constitute discrimination in some circumstances. The court focused on whether tangible harm is required... Read more »

Supreme Court Won’t Hear Disability Accommodation Case Against UPS

​The U.S. Supreme Court recently put an end to a delivery driver’s case against UPS for allegedly denying him disability accommodations that he requested. On Nov. 6, the court declined to hear the... Read more »

Google Settles Claims Related to Workplace Confidentiality Policy

​Google recently settled a 2016 lawsuit alleging that it used illegal practices to stop employees from complaining about the workplace. The lawsuit claimed the company’s confidentiality policies were unlawful. The Mountain View,... Read more »

Changing Practices in Response to Minnesota’s Noncompete Ban

Minnesota’s legislature passed a slew of laws in the 2022-23 session. One that continues to generate a fair amount of buzz among employers is the ban of virtually all noncompete agreements entered... Read more »

A Time for Change

Over the last year, diversity, equity and inclusion has lost its luster. Politicians are passing bills limiting the reach of DE&I in the workplace. Conservative-leaning consumers are boycotting companies they perceive as... Read more »

Navigating the Complexities of Religious Inclusion

​Shortly after Scott Robbins joined MiQ four years ago, he learned that the digital marketing company was holding an important regional meeting on Yom Kippur, Judaism’s holiest day.  Robbins, a regional sales... Read more »

McDonald’s Wants Supreme Court to Hear No-Poach Case

​McDonald’s is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to hear a case to determine whether franchises can enforce rules against hiring another franchisor’s employees within the same chain. The fast-food giant submitted an... Read more »

Confronting Weight Bias

​When confronting weight-based bias and harassment in the workplace, there’s no shortage of personal testimonies. Take, for example, Anna Burns. Growing up, Burns’ peers often mocked her body size. They made false... Read more »

Career Lessons from 3M’s Kathryn J. Coleman: Be Open to New Opportunities

​If Kathryn J. Coleman’s HR career of 25-plus years has been defined by one thing, it’s the constancy of change. As senior vice president, chief talent and diversity officer at 3M, which... Read more »
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