Whole Foods Ban on Black Lives Matter Logo Is Lawful, NLRB Judge Rules

​Whole Foods can continue its practice of disciplining workers for wearing Black Lives Matter (BLM) logos at work. An administrative law judge for the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) ruled on Dec.... Read more »

Supreme Court, NLRB Decisions Changed Employment Law in 2023

​The U.S. Supreme Court and federal agencies altered employment law in 2023, prompting HR professionals to review and revise their handbooks. The U.S. Supreme Court, in particular, dismantled affirmative action in college... Read more »

Jury Awards $41M in Discrimination, Wrongful Termination Case

​A nurse recently won a $41 million jury verdict in her discrimination and wrongful termination lawsuit against Kaiser Permanente, a health care provider based in Oakland, Calif. In 2021, a former charge... Read more »

Court Denies New Trial Despite Jury Instruction Error Defining ‘Qualified’

​Takeaway: During the interactive process, an employer must consider potential reasonable accommodations beyond what the employee proposes in order to fulfill its obligation to provide the employee with a reasonable accommodation. ​Notwithstanding... Read more »

Viewpoint: Turn Annual Performance Reviews into Humble Encounters

​Editor’s Note: SHRM has partnered with The Conversation to bring you relevant articles on key HR topics and strategies.   Every year, employees worldwide enter annual performance reviews with mixed feelings. Do they approach these... Read more »

Report: Long Work Hours Lead to Burnout, Not Productivity

​Your employees may be burning the proverbial midnight oil, putting in time beyond the normal workday, but that doesn’t mean they’re more productive, according to a new global survey. Forty percent of... Read more »

California’s Labor Commissioner Publishes Updated Wage Theft Notice

​Under the California Wage Theft Protection Act (Cal. Labor Code section 2810.5), all employers are required to provide each employee with a written notice containing specified information at the time of hire,... Read more »

Employee’s Job Transfer May Have Been Age Discrimination

​Takeaway: An employee can go forward with his age bias claim in which evidence showed he was involuntarily moved into a new position that constituted a demotion, despite his employer’s claim that... Read more »

Viewpoint: Employers Have Rights Too

​Daily headlines trumpet multimillion-dollar awards for employers’ violations of a variety of state and federal employment laws. Cases like these get lots of media attention—and they should. But equally deserving of attention... Read more »

California Imposes Demographic Reporting Rule on Venture Capital Firms

​ California Gov. Gavin Newsom recently signed into law Senate Bill 54, which requires venture capital firms to collect and report demographic information about the founding team members of the businesses in... Read more »
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