8 Ways HR Can Overcome Pushback During the Return to the Office

​A growing number of employers are bringing employees back onsite full time. While some workers welcome the return, others are more ambivalent about the prospect. In a recent McKinsey study, 29 percent... Read more »

4th Circuit Reverses Dismissal of Race Discrimination and Retaliation Claims

​Takeaway: To survive dismissal, a Title VII claim must raise an inference of discrimination above a speculative level. This can be done, however, with a handful of facts that suggest discriminatory motives... Read more »

The Role of AI in Retaining Top Talent

​The ability to retain top talent is top of mind for employers, HR professionals, managers and supervisors in companies of all kinds across all geographies. As they frantically struggle to find reliable... Read more »

School District Not Liable for Negligence Based on Teacher’s Sexual Relationship with Student

​Takeaway: A school district was not liable for negligent supervision of a high school teacher who had a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old student, even though the age of consent in California... Read more »

Court Strikes Down Arbitration Agreement Signed as Part of Employee Handbook

Takeaway: Courts often take a dim view of employee arbitration clauses and may invalidate one if it is included as part of an employee handbook or other document that undermines its status... Read more »

Supreme Court Clarifies First Amendment’s Application to Public Employees

The U.S. Supreme Court clarified the scope of the First Amendment’s application to public employees June 27 in a case involving a football coach, Joseph Kennedy, who was fired for praying while at... Read more »

Encouraging Employees to Be Intrapreneurs Pays Off

An “intrapreneurship” program, which lets employees act like entrepreneurs by developing new products or services, is an unconventional benefit that can help boost productivity and retention. Intrapreneurship also offers career-development opportunities—something that... Read more »

Leading Teams Through Tough Times with Empathy

​Unprecedented circumstances have led managers to a more difficult balancing act when it comes to demonstrating empathy while also insisting on accountability in today’s workplace. As companies, managers and workers navigate out... Read more »

Court Addresses the Duty to Accommodate Employee’s Religion

Takeaway: An employer is generally advised to try to make an accommodation that would wholly eliminate the conflict between its requirement and an employee’s religious belief. If there are no reasonable means... Read more »

Document, Document, Document: But How?

​Documenting employee actions and behaviors is a vital responsibility for managers, so much so that one leading employment attorney encourages employers to include it in managers’ job descriptions. Allison West, Esq., SHRM-SCP,... Read more »
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