Colorado Expands Whistleblower Protections for Health and Safety Violations

​Colorado recently expanded whistleblower protections at the state law level, and employers need to make sure their health and safety protocols are fully compliant if they want to avoid costly litigation. Under... Read more »

Watch Out for Overtime Compliance Challenges

​Overtime compliance is challenging, but employers have tools at their disposal, including wage and hour audits and safe harbor policies, to limit their liability. An audit can be particularly effective, said Robert... Read more »

New York Passes Salary Disclosure Law

​As part of the end-of-session rush of legislative activity, New York State lawmakers passed a bill that will require private-sector employers in the state to disclose salary ranges on job postings. The... Read more »

Minnesota Businesses Need to Take Steps to Comply with Frontline Worker Bonus Pay

Minnesota, a hotbed of COVID-19 at various times over the past two years, has a new law that recognizes the state’s frontline workers by offering them the chance to receive part of... Read more »

What Does Ohio’s New Firearms Law Mean for Employers?

​Currently in Ohio, in order to obtain a concealed handgun license, which is valid for five years, an Ohio resident must submit an application to the county sheriff, pay an initial $67... Read more »

Employers Face New Rules to Protect Workers From Outdoor Heat Exposure and Wildfire Smoke

With summer weather and wildfire season approaching, Washington State employers will have new seasonal workplace safety rules to take into account. On June 1, the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries... Read more »

Supreme Court Permits Mandatory Arbitration of PAGA Claims

The U.S. Supreme Court clarified on June 15 that companies can compel arbitration of an employee’s individual claims regarding labor code violations. In its ruling on Viking River Cruises v. Moriana, the... Read more »

Court Cases Show Mistakes to Avoid in ADA Compliance

​Staying compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) presents various challenges for employers, and these challenges have only increased in the last two years during the COVID-19 pandemic. There’s a lot... Read more »

California Bill Would Require Pay Range in Job Ads

​A proposed bill in California would make pay more transparent. Under the bill, employers with 15 or more employees would have to include pay range in all of their job postings and... Read more »

Supreme Court Decides Important Cases on Arbitration

​The U.S. Supreme Court recently handed down some important decisions affecting employers in many ways, and there’s more to come. Arbitration has been a recurring theme lately. Joseph Beachboard, an attorney with... Read more »
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