Union Vulnerability Audits Can Be Effective

?Nonunion employers that want to stay that way can undertake what is sometimes referred to as a “union vulnerability audit” to address key problem areas and measure employee satisfaction. “The bottom line... Read more »

Illinois Set to Become Third State to Mandate Paid Leave for Any Reason

?After a “gut and replace” of Illinois Senate Bill 208 at the beginning of the 2023 legislative session, the Paid Leave for All Workers Act passed both houses of the legislature on... Read more »

Pennsylvania Expands Legal Definitions of Race, Sex and Religious Creed

? On Dec. 8, 2022, Pennsylvania’s Independent Regulatory Review Commission approved amendments to the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act (PHRA) and the Pennsylvania Fair Educational Opportunities Act regulations to add a subchapter providing... Read more »

Sudden Illness at Work Can Trigger FMLA Obligations

?Because employees spend a lot of time at work, it’s not uncommon for medical emergencies and flare-ups of chronic conditions to occur at the workplace. Workers may experience events like heart attacks,... Read more »

DC Circuit Requires Employers to Turn Over Union Voter Lists Faster

?Employers ordered by a National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) regional director to participate in a secret-ballot union election have only two days to provide unions with employees’ personal contact information, as a... Read more »

Court Curbs Federal Contractor Vaccine Mandate

?A federal appeals court recently barred the federal government from requiring federal contractors in Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee to be vaccinated for COVID-19. It’s the latest in a series of court decisions... Read more »

Employer Waived Its Right to Demand Arbitration of Employee’s Workplace Claims

?An employer waived its right to invoke arbitration of a former employee’s claims by unreasonably delaying its arbitration demand and acting inconsistently with an intent to arbitrate, a California appeals court recently... Read more »

Rounding Policy Not Complete Defense to Wage and Hour Claims in California

?Takeaway: A time-keeping policy using neutral rounding will not shield an employer from liability for failing to pay employees for all time worked.  ?When an employer tracked the exact time in minutes... Read more »

Washington State Issues Final Policy on Pay Transparency in Job Postings

?Washington State issued its final administrative policy providing the state’s interpretation of the Equal Pay and Opportunities Act, which took effect on Jan. 1.  The law provides that employers must disclose in... Read more »

Connecticut ‘Clean Slate’ Law Erases Criminal Convictions

? A major law about the erasure and consideration of criminal convictions in employment in Connecticut took effect Jan. 1. Passed by the Connecticut legislature and signed into law by Gov. Ned... Read more »
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