Starbucks Ordered to Rehire Fired Union Activists

?A federal district court ordered Starbucks on Aug. 18 to rehire seven workers that it fired after learning about union organizing efforts at a Memphis, Tenn., store, according to the National Labor... Read more »

Changes in Gun Laws Affect the Workplace

?Some state laws governing firearms at the workplace have shifted toward a more permissive stance, while the U.S. Supreme Court has recognized a constitutional right to carry firearms outside the home and... Read more »

Unionization Gains Momentum at Trader Joe’s

?The unionization movement has spread to Trader Joe’s, where a second store recently formed a union. Union organizers are hoping the movement takes off at other company stores. We’ve gathered articles on... Read more »

California Poised to Expand Pay Transparency, Reporting Obligations

?A bill to increase pay transparency in California steps closer to becoming law. California Senate Bill 1162, introduced in February and with some amendments since its initial form, passed the Assembly Appropriations... Read more »

Los Angeles Publishes Regulations for Hotel Worker Protection Ordinance

?In June, Los Angeles passed an ordinance designed to increase safety protections for hotel workers, limit daily workload, and raise hotel worker wages in the city. The new ordinance took effect on... Read more »

Connecticut’s Pandemic ‘Hero Pay’ Program Takes Effect

?Private-sector essential employees who worked in Connecticut during the COVID-19 pandemic may receive up to $1,000 in premium pay (or “hero pay”) through a $30 million fund established under the state budget approved... Read more »

McDonald’s Settles Lawsuit Over Deficient COBRA Notices

?McDonald’s recently settled a class-action lawsuit that claims the fast-food chain failed to give former employees proper notice of their right to continued health insurance coverage under COBRA. In the lawsuit in... Read more »

Laws You Need to Know When Hiring Remote Employees in Louisiana

?With the rise in remote work, employers are subject to a new set of laws based on each employee’s residence, and those with workers in Louisiana are no exception. Our state has... Read more »

Apple Settles Case Involving Unpaid Time at Work

?Apple reached a settlement in a lawsuit over off-the-clock work Aug. 15. Store workers said the technology company didn’t pay them for the time they spent on security screenings after their shifts... Read more »

Washington, D.C. Finalizes Amendments to Law on Non-Compete Agreements

?The Washington, D.C. City Council passed a broad ban on noncompete agreements in December 2020, but it decided in March 2022 that amendments were needed to address questions raised by the business... Read more »
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