France: Macron Pushes Through Retirement Reform

​French President Emmanuel Macron applied a special constitutional power on March 16 to bypass parliament and enact a controversial pensions bill raising the retirement age from 62 to 64. We’ve gathered articles... Read more »

UK: Pay Attention to Restrictive Covenants

​With a cost-of-living crisis and a buoyant hiring market in the U.K., many employees might take the opportunity in 2023 to leave their current employment for new positions. This means employers should... Read more »

Strikes Over France’s Proposed Retirement Reforms Continue

​Strikes have continued over the proposal by French President Emmanuel Macron’s government to put its pension system on firmer financial footing by raising the retirement age from 62 years old to 64.... Read more »

EU Directive on Gender-Balanced Boards Supports Workplace Equality

​A European Union (EU) law requiring gender balance on corporate boards was adopted by the European Parliament on Nov. 22, 2022. The directive requires that listed companies have 40 percent of nonexecutive... Read more »

UK: Employee Who Refused to Wear a Face Mask Fairly Dismissed

​In a recent decision, the Glasgow, Scotland, Employment Tribunal held that an employee who suffered from vertigo and consequently refused to comply with the employer’s policy of requiring the wearing of face... Read more »

U.S. Company’s Mandatory Video Surveillance Violated Dutch Rights

​A U.S.-based employer faced legal consequences after it terminated a remote employee in the Netherlands who refused to keep his camera on for the whole nine-hour workday. The Dutch Court held that... Read more »

UK: Are Emotional Support Animals OK in the Workplace?

​In 2022, a man sued the U.K. supermarket chain Sainsbury’s after one of its stores refused to let his emotional support animal (ESA), a cat, enter with him. The case is still... Read more »

UK: Are You at Risk of Being Laid Off?

​A U.K. Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (Acas) study last year estimated that 19 percent of employees in the United Kingdom were likely to face redundancy over the next 12 months. More... Read more »

UK Demand for Migrant Workers Raises Exploitation Concerns

​A worker shortage in the United Kingdom has raised demand for foreign workers and, along with it, concerns about mistreatment—even modern slavery. In early 2022, Sara Thornton, the country’s anti-slavery commissioner at... Read more »

French Government Unveils Its Retirement Reform Plan

​On Jan. 10, the French prime minister presented the government’s proposal for the future of the public pension system. The part of the proposal that has gotten the most public attention is a gradual increase... Read more »
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