Firing Employees Lawfully in the UK

​Firing employees is a necessary part of running a company in the U.K., but it’s important to do it in accordance with the law. There are certain things to keep in mind... Read more »

The Growing Popularity of Micro-dosing for Mental Health in the UK

​Micro-dosing is the practice of taking small, sub-hallucinogenic doses of illegal class A psychedelic drugs such as LSD/acid and magic mushrooms. The practice of micro-dosing involves administering very small doses of these... Read more »

Wildfires Burn Across Southern Europe, Northern Africa, Canada

​Firefighters in southern Europe, northern Africa and Canada battled wildfires as extreme heat created dangerous conditions around the Northern Hemisphere for workers. We’ve gathered articles on the news from SHRM Online and... Read more »

10 Pitfalls When Granting Costly Trainings to Employees in Germany

​Employee retention and training employees to cope with the rapidly changing work environment is becoming increasingly important for companies across the globe. Within their employment relationships, employees in Germany enjoy a broad... Read more »

AI Algorithms in Spain Look for Sick-Leave Fraud

​In 2018, unbeknownst to most employees, Spain’s social security system deployed an artificial intelligence algorithm to analyze the sick-leave claims among Spanish employees and flag unusual patterns as potential sick-leave fraud. The... Read more »

EU Passes Proposal to Regulate Artificial Intelligence

?The European Parliament passed a draft law called the EU AI Act on June 14—a leap forward in regulating generative AI in the European Union. We’ve gathered articles on the news from... Read more »

Spain: Removal of the Obligation to Submit Sick Leave Reports to the Company

?As of April 1, Spanish employees temporarily unable to work will no longer be obliged to provide the company with a sick leave medical report. This measure will affect the processes of... Read more »

Works Council Remuneration Remains in Spotlight in Germany

?In January, the German Federal Court of Justice (Bundesgerichtshof—BGH) ruled in on the unduly high remuneration granted to works council members (judgment dated Jan. 10) that has caused a considerable stir. In... Read more »

UK: AI’s Impact on Workplace Safety

?Artificial intelligence is already transforming the way companies think about work as more businesses incorporate some form of AI into their business processes, and it is also starting to be used to improve... Read more »

UK Government Proposes Reform of Employment Law

?The U.K. government has proposed significant reform of key aspects of U.K. employment law. In the “Smarter Regulation to Grow the Economy” policy paper (the “Paper”) published recently, the government identified an... Read more »
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