Episode 370: Tapping Into the Existing Potential of Young People for Social Justice With Dr Marvin Carr and Tiesa Leggett

With a diverse range of perspectives and backgrounds necessary to thrive, we are creating collaborative partnerships and relationships with community-based organizations as well to ensure that young person’s success. And that’s what... Read more »

Everything HR Needs to Know About Sabbaticals

Everything HR Needs to Know About Sabbaticals Employees taking sabbaticals? You heard me correctly—sabbaticals are becoming increasingly more common in the non-academic world, especially in the private sector. A 2018 study by... Read more »

Episode 369: Making the Workplace Accessible Both for Employees and Contractors With Meryl Evans

And with companies not putting effort into hiring people with disabilities, they’re sending a message to employees with invisible disabilities. According to Harvard Business Review, 76% of employees with disabilities do not... Read more »

How The iGaming Industry Has Led The Charge Towards Remote Working

The term ‘iGaming’ in the iGaming industry refers to the various forms of online gambling industries that currently exist, where people can place real money wagers online for the outcomes of certain... Read more »

How to Make Company Values Matter to your Employees

Company values are a critical part of your corporate culture. They can also help you keep the employees you value, and make your workplace (digital or physical) a healthier, happier place. But... Read more »

Episode 368: Apprenticeship Programs to Keep Apprentices in the Company With Nicholas Morgan, ACS

We actually have an HR apprenticeship in our organization that we built for ACS, and I think we’ve done 15 or 16 apprentices that work for ACS. They earned wages, but they... Read more »

Parental Leave Policy Guide for HR

Parental Leave Policy Guide for HR   What is Parental Leave? Parental leave is a benefit provided to employees that allows them to take time off whenever they need to care for... Read more »

LIVE NOW! The #HRTechConf VIP Unofficial Party List

I’m excited to share Workology’s Unofficial Party Event Live for 2022 is LIVE and available to our VIP HR Technology Conference community. The annual 2022 HR Technology Conference is just around the... Read more »

Vault Verify Securely Automates Employment and Income Verification Requests

Learn more about HR Technology and Product Reviews from Workology. See our FTC disclosure at the end of this review.  Data privacy has never been more important, with various laws and regulations... Read more »

Episode 367: A Head for Business and a Heart for People With Cindy Strong, VP of People for Outdoorsy

HR in beta has such a ring of truth. When I think about pre-COVID, there was such confidence in HR resources. You could, you can almost close your eyes and imagine, like... Read more »
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