UAW Widens Strike Against GM, Stellantis

[This article has been updated.] The strike against General Motors (GM) and Stellantis, limited up to this point, will be expanded at noon today because not enough progress has been made in... Read more »

DOL Releases New Rule to Boost Pay Rates for Construction Workers

​Editor’s Note: This is breaking news, and the article will be updated throughout the day. The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) will issue a final rule on Aug. 8 to raise the prevailing... Read more »

Beware: Fraudulent Job Postings Aim to Steal Your Money, Identity

​Job searchers, be wary. Fraudsters posing as recruiters and employers are contacting potential job candidates with attractive job offers in an attempt to extract Social Security numbers and other personal data. “It... Read more »

DE&I Tech Leaders Mull Affirmative Action Decision

​Technology providers that support their customers’ diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) efforts are thinking out loud about the best ways they can use their software and strategies to strengthen a diverse workforce... Read more »

Generative AI Will Disrupt Career Paths, Recruiting

​As generative artificial intelligence tools replace some entry-level positions, this will disrupt the job pipeline that moves junior employees to midcareer roles, ultimately upsetting recruiters’ ability to fill midlevel management positions, predicted... Read more »

Navigating the Workplace Political Minefield

He was on vacation. At his private computer. On his personal Facebook page. Posting about protests in his city. But his Facebook settings were public. He blamed “Blacks” for recent protests that had... Read more »

Instant Pay Benefits Booming in Popularity Among Gen Z Workers

​The days of waiting two weeks or more for your paycheck to hit your bank account may be numbered. In an increasingly connected world—and one in which workers have higher expectations of... Read more »

Most Employers Support Raising Federal Minimum Wage

​The call to raise the federal minimum wage has created a fair share of debate, with opponents arguing the move will harm businesses by adding hardships or making them less competitive—but a... Read more »

How Can Employers Respond to Laws Legalizing Marijuana?

​Employers are trying to bolster workplace safety as the use of marijuana rises and more states legalize the recreational use of cannabis. (The latest state to do so is Minnesota, effective Aug.... Read more »

Crafting Policies to Address the Proliferation of Generative AI

​A growing number of employers have moved to restrict employee use of ChatGPT, while other companies are embracing generative artificial intelligence and recognizing opportunities to streamline work processes and augment workflows. There’s... Read more »
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