Can We Talk? A Guide to Political Expression In the Workplace

This being a presidential election year, the topic of the "right" of political expression in the workplace is of particular interest. Moreover, given that this year represents the first real opportunity for the election of... Read more »

Employee Medical Confidentiality – A Guide For Employers

Although the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) became law in 1996, Title II, which contains the Privacy Rule, did not take effect until April 14, 2003. The Privacy Rule establishes regulations for the... Read more »

Team Building – How To Build Effective Work Teams

Corporate Team building is beneficial not only in improving the work environment but also glorifies the personal life and personality of a person. Decision making, enhancement in communication skills and self confidence... Read more »

Equal Pay and Questions on Violation of Labor Law

The United States constitution takes protection of workers very seriously. Thus, any violation of labor law is also dealt with in court. The labor laws cover a variety of workers' rights, and... Read more »

“Chain of Command”….An Older Management Style and Concept

21st century management needs to be aware of the changing expectations of how people want to be managed.  Stay aware and constantly review your methods of management and leadership or suffer the... Read more »

Performance Management: How To Train Employee – 8 essential tips

Performance management and employee training done badly can cause misery, failure and frustration for everyone concerned. Done well it can create a culture of accomplishment and skyrocket an organization's success. It can... Read more »

‘Training is overlooked’ for most workers

Training needs at work are overlooked believe almost 50% of employees and 33% would like to use the extra day in the leap year for training, according to a recent survey. The... Read more »

Introduction to HR

New in the HR field?  In short, what is it really about?  Read on..... Read more »

Employee Motivation Tip: Break the Golden Rule

It looks very simple, right? "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." The Golden Rule seems so undisputed that it might be a panacea for every relationship. Simply... Read more »

Motivating Employees for Small Business Success

Most small business owners are very focused on motivating their employees to achieve high performance levels. But is it really possible to motivate employees? In this article, I will highlight the keys... Read more »
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