Viewpoint: Why Millennials Hate Waiting and What HR Can Do About It

Imagine you are standing in line at a grocery store, and the line is deep and going nowhere. Your fellow shoppers are shifting impatiently from side to side while incessantly checking the... Read more »

Coping with Tech Overload: Is There an App for That?

?For lots of employees, there’s something even more annoying than doing household chores, paying bills or trying to lose weight. It’s navigating the sea of computer and Web-based programs and communication tools... Read more »

New York Supplement: Table of Contents

[unable to retrieve full-text content] Read more »

No Discrimination When Decision-Makers Were Unaware of Disability

?A former employee of Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. could not establish disability discrimination when there was no evidence that the managers who fired him knew of his disability prior to discharge,... Read more »

Putting Humanity into HR Compliance: Doing Performance Reviews Better

In his experience, says former employment law attorney Jathan Janove, annual performance reviews have more often increased claim risk than reduced it. Why? Reviews are frequently done so poorly that they generate... Read more »

What Companies Need to Know to Retain New Moms

Re-entering the workforce after a significant time away for any reason can be difficult. New mothers returning to work after childbirth and women who have taken a career break to have children,... Read more »

Three Reasons to Unmask Your Anonymous Employee Surveys

Organizations that continuously motivate employees reach their business goals faster than those that don’t. This makes developing an engaging, performance-based employee environment the primary aim of forward-thinking HR leaders. One characteristic of... Read more »

Workplace Romance Can Give Employers Heartburn

Valentine's Day is a good time for employers to look at their policies and make sure they are doing all they can to provide a safe environment for employees where unwanted sexual... Read more »

Are Probationary Periods Passé?

Using a probation period to assess the suitability of new hires is an outdated practice that could prove legally costly for your company, according to experts, because such a period may create... Read more »

Take Mom and Dad to Work: Is This Helicopter Parenting Gone Mad?

There’s a day devoted to “Take Your Parents to Work,” a LinkedIn idea that’s taken root at other organizations. Read more »
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