Navigating the Complexities of Religious Inclusion

​Shortly after Scott Robbins joined MiQ four years ago, he learned that the digital marketing company was holding an important regional meeting on Yom Kippur, Judaism’s holiest day.  Robbins, a regional sales... Read more »

McDonald’s Wants Supreme Court to Hear No-Poach Case

​McDonald’s is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to hear a case to determine whether franchises can enforce rules against hiring another franchisor’s employees within the same chain. The fast-food giant submitted an... Read more »

How to Attract and Retain Older Workers

​Laurel McDowell’s retirement didn’t last long. In 2019, two months after she had ended her 27-year tenure with the staffing company ManpowerGroup, the 66-year-old was back working there again.  But there were... Read more »

USCIS Proposes New Selection Method to Curb H-1B Lottery Abuse

​One of the most significant changes in the recent proposed rule regarding the H-1B visa program is the proposal to modify the lottery registration selection system to reduce fraud in the first... Read more »

Confronting Weight Bias

​When confronting weight-based bias and harassment in the workplace, there’s no shortage of personal testimonies. Take, for example, Anna Burns. Growing up, Burns’ peers often mocked her body size. They made false... Read more »

Career Lessons from 3M’s Kathryn J. Coleman: Be Open to New Opportunities

​If Kathryn J. Coleman’s HR career of 25-plus years has been defined by one thing, it’s the constancy of change. As senior vice president, chief talent and diversity officer at 3M, which... Read more »

O’Connor Made Her Mark in Decisions Affecting Workers and Women

​Sandra Day O’Connor, the first female Supreme Court justice, died Dec. 1 at the age of 93. She occupied a powerful role on the court in a number of employment law cases,... Read more »

California Agency Releases First Draft of AI Regulations

​On Nov. 27, the California Privacy Protection Agency (CPPA) unveiled draft automated decision-making technology (ADMT) regulations that would set forth new protections for employees and consumers. The draft ADMT regulations would govern... Read more »

Ask an Expert: Excessive Leave

​Employers are often hesitant to take corrective action when an employee is frequently absent from work due to illness. But even with a doctor’s note, not all health-related absences are protected under... Read more »

Unsung Heroes

​HR professionals perform critical roles in their organizations but often toil in anonymity. Many people don’t hear about the times when HR practitioners go above and beyond their job descriptions to provide... Read more »
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